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Lots 1857-1891
Kelantan Its Stamps & Postal History by Reeves & Dexter published 1992 in fine condition. ()
Brunei¬ Malaysia & Singapore SG colour A4 sectional catalogue 2nd edition in fine condition. ()
The Postage Stamps of Federated Malay States by Reeves published 1978 in fine condition. ()
Rhodesia - The Second Bulawayo Provisional Issue of 1896 by Colin Hoffman fine condition. ()
Burma Postal History by Davis & Martin with dust jacket 1971 1st edition in fine condition. ()
Standard catalogue of Malaysia - Singapore - Brunei stamps and postal stationery in full colour 1999 edition in fine condition. ()
The Postal History and Postmarks of British Central Africa & Nyasaland Protectorate by Nodder & Twynam published in 1955 in good clean condition. ()
Complete Listing of the Stamps of The British South Africa Co.¬ Southern Rhodesia¬ The Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland and the Post-Federal Period 1890-1980 by J A Landau published in 1999 in good condition. ()
Malay and States pages from Higgins & Gage postal stationery catalogue in fine condition. ()
Stamps of Ireland 1980 edition by Mac Donnell¬ Postage Stamps of Ireland 1922-76 produced by Ireland GPO¬ Badbury 2002 Collecting British FDC's and SG QV Specialised catalogue 5th edition 1977 all in good condition. ()
Maltese Cross Cancellations pulished in 1959 by R C Alcock and F C Holland fine condition. ()
Guilde Lines to the 1d Black by P C Litchfield June 1986 4th edition plus SG QV sectional catalogue 9th edition both having some water staining on bottom of pages. Ormond Plating Cards for 1d black in folder as issued plus A4 black & white photocopy of Proud 1985 publication Penny Black Plates which provides details and illustrations of each letter combination (AA to TL) on a seperate page giving easy identication of each plate. ()
Album Weeds How To Detect Forged Stamps Part 7 St Helena to Switzerland by Rev R B Earee third edition reprint. Some damage to cover otherwise good condition. ()
Billig's Specialized Catalogue volume 5 Plating of the French 1863 issue 20c blue by General G Dumont good condition light tone spots on page edges and couple small tears on cover. ()
Great Britain Slogan Postmarks of the Eighties 1990 by Parsons¬ Peachy and Pearson. ()
Royal East African Automobile Association Hand Book and Gazetter of East Africa 1958-1959 210 pages hard bound complete with amended rules¬ corrigenda and discount list. ()
Haste¬ Post Haste Postmen and Post-roads through the Ages by George Walker published 1933 274 pages hard bound ex St Marylebone Public Library some damage to cover on spine however contents fine. ()
Indian Army Post Offices in the Second World War by Brigadier D S Virk published in 1982 hard bound 362 pages in fine condition¬ no dust jacket. ()
Antigua by Fred J Melville 1st edition 57 pages hard bound good condition published 1929. ()
Netherlands and Overseas Territories 1999 Special softbound catalogue 683 colour pages in Dutch in good condition.. ()
Cyprus Its Postal History and Postage Stamps by Wilfrid Castle published by Robson Lowe 1952 hard bound 132 pages with some damage to outer spine otherwise fine. ()
Standard Catalogue of Great Britain Provincial Banks & Banknotes by G L Grant published by Spink in 1977 hard bound 132 pages & 30 black and white plates fine condition. ()
Standard catalogue of banknotes and coins of Cambodia¬ Lao and Vietnam 2001 edition 220 pages soft bound fine condition. Includes many other countries including China¬ French Colonies¬ Kuwait¬ Latvia¬ Southern Rhodesia¬ Timor and USA. ()
Irish Crash Airmails 2nd edition 1997 by Ronny Vogt in as new condition A4 size paperback with illustrated card covers 266 black and white pages with many illustrations. ()
Airmail Directional Handstamps (A Study) volumes one & two by Ian McQueen published 2003 both spiral bound 373 pages in fine condition. ()
Portuguese Shipping Companies Paquebot & Ship Cancellations by Professor Richard Greenwood Dr Romano Camara & Philip Cockrill 100 pages softbound Cockrill series 40. ()
The Postal History of Fiji by J G Roger edited by Edward B Proud 528 pages published 1999 slight damage to dust jacket otherwise fine condition. ()
Correio Aereo - A History of the Development of Air Mail Service in Brazil by William Victor Kriebel published in 1996 by The American Air Mail Society 204 pages soft bound with many black and white illustrations good condition. ()
Channel Islands Postal History catalogue Stanley Gibbons 1st edition 1991 good condition. ()
French Islands - A priced catalogue of the postal history of the Islands of the North & West coasts of France by O W Newport & J T Whitney 1st edition 1981 soft bound. ()
The Cancellations of The Rhodesias & Nyasaland H C Dann published 1950 by Robson Lowe 85 pages hard bound good condition apart from damage and ageing on dust jacket. ()
Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by Harold G D Gisburn & G Seymour Thompson published by Stanley Gibbons in 1947 hard bound 120 pages good condition. ()
Fundamentals of Philately by L N Williams 1990 revised edition published by American Philatelic Society hard bound 862 pages in good condition. ()
Speciman Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain by Marcus Samuel and Alan Huggins hard bound 254 pages published in 1980 good condition some damage to dust jacket. ()
Robson Lowe The Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps 1661-1947 volume I Great Britain and The Empire in Europe 296 pages hard bound in good condition. ()