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Lots 2305-2306
1903 Black & white postcard (undivided back - crease top left corner) of general view out to sea of Maallah addressed to England (re directed on arrival) bearing India 1a carmine tied by good strike of Aden cds dated 30 April 1903. Small framed Too Late cachet also applied. ()
1937 Sepia postcard showing a general view of Aden sent to USA bearing Dhow 2a scarlet SG4 tied by fine strike of Aden double ring cds dated 9 August 1937. ()
Lots 2307-2309
1939 Blue on white pre-printed Air Mail label for deliveries to Alexandria Egypt completed and used from Melbourne on 21 October 1939. ()
1958 Australian Air League printed letter card for 30th Anniv of 1st Tasman Crossing bearing Australia and New Zealand stamps tied by appropriate dated cancels. ()
2009 Large window envelope bearing $12.20 in stamps including $2 On the Wallaby Track painting by (Fred McCubbin) x 2 overprinted Specimen in red SG778s tied by Adelaide Mail Centre Sth Aust 5000 large cds dated 2 March 2009. Specimen overprints not meant for postal use and not often seen on cover ()
1944 Blue on grey printed address cover (opened out on three sides) to Montgomery Ward Export Department Illinois USA bearing 3d blue SG154a tied by black oval double rimmed Proud D4 TRD (Temporary Date Stamp) dated 15 May 1944. Nassua slogan transit mark dated 17 May 1944 on reverse. ()
1949 Hand addressed air mail cover to France bearing 75th Anniv of UPU 6a on 6d bright purple SG69 tied by poorish strike of Bahrain double ring cds dated 26 November 1949. Rare stamp used on cover especially as single use. ()
Lots 2312-2315
1919 Illustrated International Schools of Latin America typed address cover sent registered (Barbados blue on white label applied) to New York bearing War Tax overprint on 1d bright red SG197 and 4d black & red SG199 tied by two strikes of Barbados RLO single ring cds dated 8 July dated 8 July 1919. New York transit cancel on reverse. ()
1922 Hand addressed cover sent registered (Barbados blue on white label applied) to Boston USA bearing 2d grey x 2 SG221 tied by single strike of Barbados RLO single ring cds dated 28 September 1922. New York and Boston transit cancels on reverse. ()
1941 Hand addressed air mail cover to propoganda radio station in Boston at 1s 7d rate bearing 1d scarlet 6d violet & 1/- olive-green SG249 & 254/55 tied by 2 strikes of Barbados St Philip single ring cds dated 11 June 1941 with another strike alongside. ()
1948 Hand addressed air mail cover to England at 1s 8d rate bearing Royal Insurance Company Bridgetown 4d x 2 and 1/- red meter marks dated 9 August 1948 which are additional cancelled with Circulation Branch GPO Barbados dated 10 August 1948. ()
Lots 2316-2321
1887 Scarce receipt for a registered letter having Maseru single ring cds dated 28 July 1887. ()
1916 Hand addressed cover (Morija Sesuto Book Depot Morija Basutoland printed top left corner) to Tayateyaneng at ½d unsealed envelope printed matter rate with ½d South Africa coil stamp. South Africa administered Basutoland & Swaziland postal systems until 1933. ()
1928 South African ½d green postal stationery card (usual spike hole) to Book Depot c/o Morija Post Office requesting supply of books having fine strike of Maseru double ring cds with South Africa in centre dated 15 February 1928. ()
1933 H&G1 1d red on cream postal card uprated with 1d & 4d KGV definitives to cover air mail rate all tied by two fine strikes of Royal Tour HRH Prince George South Africa crowned oval bilingual cancel dated 1 March 1934. Sent to Greece (unusual destination) from member of House of Assembly with message on reverse stating card was posted on board Royal train at Maseru. Maseru South Africa cds dated 1 March 1934 on front along with unclear Greek purple markings and small black on light blue Greek label. Two Greek arrival cds's dated 14 March 1934 on reverse. ()
1933 H&GC1 4d red on cream registered envelope to Pretoria uprated with KGVI 1d scarlet all tied by Mafeteng Basutoland cds's dated 8 November 1938. Mafeteng purple registered mark applied direct on envelope. ()
1961 Plain unaddressed cover (Government blue crest on back flap) bearing Postage Due 1c surcharge on 2d deep reddish violet and 5c surcharge on 2d deep reddish violet SGD6/D7 both tied by individual strikes of Maseru Basutoland double ring cds's of 14 February 1961. ()
Lots 2322-2323
1947 Typed addressed cover to Shell PO Box in Johannesburg (this altered in blue crayon) bearing 1½d dull blue SG120 tied by Serowe double ring cds dated 10 July 1947. ()
1947 Illustrated rubber stamped Johannesburg address cover for Visit of Royal Family sent registered having special commemorative Lobatsi Royal Visit mark applied on cover bearing set of 4 SG132/35 tied by two strikes of Lobatsi Royal Visit double ring cds of 17 April 1937. ()
Lots 2324-2331
1886 Incoming hand addressed cover (a little damage to backflap) from USA at 5c rate bearing US 2c x 2 and 1c having dumb ink blot cancels with Fredonia NY cds dated 25 February alongside. New York transit mark and Hamilton arrival marks dated 26 February and 7 March respectively on reverse. ()
1905 Hand addressed cover (opened two sides) to USA at 5d double letter rate with QV 2½d pale ultramarine horizontal pair SG27b tied by poor strike of Hamilton duplex. ()
1936 US pencil addressed correspondence card (no message) bearing GB KGV ½d green definitive tied by Come to Bermuda¬ The Isles of Rest Hamilton continuous machine slogan cancel dated 4 July 1936 plus straight line unframed Paquebot cancel in black. ()
1937 Hand addressed cover (mounting marks on reverse) sent registered to Denmark bearing 1937 Coronation set of 3 plus ½d green Red Hole Paget SG98 & 107/09 tied by St Georges cds dated 3 August 1937. Blank blue on white Bermuda registered label applied with St Georges added in red type. UK and Danish transit marks on reverse. ()
1941-44 Twenty hand addressed covers from a censor's personal correspondence to parents in Cardiff Wales. One cover has remains of BC1 Opened by Examiner blue on white tape at left. Nineteen covers at 1s 9d rate other at 2/- rate all bearing various values to 1s 6d from KGV/KGVI pictorial definitives. Few minor faults with one cover has 3d stamp removed. Ex lot 641 from Apollonia collection offered by Grosvenor 10 March 2005 estimate of £350-£400. ()
1943 Hand addressed air mail cover sent registered to Guatemala bearing KGV Red Hole Paget 1s 6d brown SG106 and KGVI St David's Lighthouse 3d black & deep blue SG114a tied by Hamilton cds dated 17 February 1943. Blank blue on white Bermuda registered label applied with Hamilton added in black type. US and Guatemala transit marks on reverse. ()
1948 Commercial window envelope with KGVI 1½d SG111b tied by good strike of I.A.T.A. Traffic Conference Bermuda 1948 Hamilton slogan cancel of 10 November 1948. Come to Bermuda¬ The Isles of Rest St Georges slogan cancel of same date on reverse. ()
1950 Typed addressed commercial air mail cover (2 vertical folds not affecting stamps) to South Africa at 2s 6d rate bearing 75th Anniv of UPU 6d & 1/- x 2 SG132/33 all tied by Hamilton cds's dated 18 February 1950. ()
1949 Typed addressed air mail cover to Denmark (unusual destination) at 40c rate with 75th Anniv of UPU 4c 12c & 24c SG324 & 326/27 tied by Georgetown cds's of 6 December 1949. ()
Lots 2333-2334
1957 Plain printed address cover to England bearing KGVI Rembro (Schooner) 2½d orange SG120a tied by Paquebot Posted At Sea Received Southampton 9 April 1957 single ring cds. Mailed Aboard MV Kirkland Paquebot purple oval cachet applied along with straight line M/V Kirksons cachet. Diagonal crease through cover affects stamp. ()
1982 Typed address air mail cover to England bearing Flora & Fauna 3c to $4 set of 11 with no imprint dates SG515A/25A (odd very light tone spot on a few) tied by 4 strikes of George Town Grand Cayman dated 4 January 1982. ()
1930 Hand addressed cover to Alexandria Egypt having good strike of Khedivial Mail S/S & Graying Dock Company Limited circular cachet with S/S "RODA" in centre bearing KGV ¼pi gray & chestnut SG103 ½pi green & €pi brownish black & black SG118/19 each tied by fine strikes of Sea P.O. Cyprus single ring cds dated 14 February 1930. ()
Lots 2336-2340
1885 Hand addressed cover in Arabic to Cairo bearing 1pi blue SG54 tied by fine strike of bilingual Damiette cds with star and crescent dated 27 March 1885. ()
1894 Hand addressed cover to Switzerland at 1pi 10m rate bearing 1pi blue SG54 plus 2m green 3m yellow and 5m rose SG54 59 61 & 63 tied by Cairo Continental Hotel bilingual cds's dated 9 February 1894. Eary Hotel cover and attractive 4 colour franking. ()
1900s Unused post card showing Port Tewfik and Suez canel with train in background. ()
1909 Unaddressed plain cover (insect damage at top not affecting stamps) having Alexandria code G bilingual cds dated 10 March 1909 bottom left with black framed "T" mark top right. 3m on 2p orange x 2 SGD75 & D76 (SG cat £32.50 from x 50 on cover) applied top right both tied by Alexandria code D bilingual cds dated 10 March 1909. ()
1911-46 Fifteen postcards or envelopes bearing various stamp tied by good range of cancels. Many covers have censor marks with some having Foreign Mail oval cachets applied. ()
Lots 2341-2342
1974 Locally hand addressed cover to stamp designer & artist Mr I Strange bearing Centenary of UPU 2p tied by Port Stanley cds dated 27 August 1974. ()
1982 Two printed address Argentine covers with various stamps tied by Malvinas illustrated cachets plus 1985 Illustrated unaddressed PNC FDC having 50p coin encapsulated for opening of Mount Pleasant Airport with issued set tied by special FDI handstamp. ()
Lots 2343-2357
Australia - 1937 Illustrated typed addresss (a little grubby) sent registered to Canada bearing 3d blue Die 1a horizontal pair SG168a tied by date unclear Broadway NSW cds. Good strikes of Broadway NSW and Sydney NSW cds's dated 2 August 1937 (date of issue) on reverse along with four Canadian transit cds's dated between 29 and 31 August 1937. ()
Egypt - 1959 Printed label address illustrated special cover sent registered (black on red label on reverse) to Switzerland bearing Seventh Anniversary of Revolution and Transport & Communication set of 6 plus miniature sheet SG595/MS601 all tied by three strikes of pictorial handstamp for date of issue. ()
Falkland Islands - 1937 Wingfields blue on white registered cover addressed to London bearing Coronation set of 3 each tied by individual strikes of Port Stanley code B cds for date of issue. Curved crowned registered mark applied direct to cover with 551 added. ()
Falkland Islands - 1972 Plain unaddressed long cover bearing Silver Wedding 1p & 10p tied by single strike of Fox Bay FDI single ring cds dated 20 November 1972. ()
Falkland Islands - 1976 Unaddressed black & white postcard of MV Monsunen Bearing Sheep Farming 20p MV Monsunen commemorative SG324 tied by Port Stanley FDI cds. Cachet for MV Monsunen Port Stanley alongside signed by the master G Betts. ()
Guyana - 1981 Plain unaddressed cover bearing Essequibo Is Ours surcharge & overprint on Postage Dues 10c on 2c black to 80c on 4c ultramarine set of 8 tied by two strikes of PO Georgetown Guyana double ring cds dated 8 June 1981 - date of issue. ()
Hong Kong - 1990 Illustrated unaddressed Post Office cover bearing Year of the horse set of 4 SG631/34 tied by Tsim Sha Tsui cds's for date of issue. ()
Kenya Uganda Tanganyika - 1937 Hand addressed air mail cover sent registered Kilindini (blue on white label attached) to England at 80c registered air mail rate with Coronation 5c x 4 and 30c x 2 SG128 & 130 tied by Kilindini double rim cds of 12 May 1937 - date of issue. ()
New Hebrides - 1953 Plain unaddressed cover rubber stamped endorsements New Hebrides Condominium First Day Cover bearing QEII 10c Coronation tied by Villa cds dated 2 June 1953 having another strike alongside. ()
New Zealand - 1938 Plain manila hand addressed cover to Haverlock North bearing 1½d Maori Woman block of 4 SG579 (Last Day of Issue written above block) and KGVI 1½d purple-brown block of 4 SG607 (1st Day of Issue written above block) each block tied by Rotorua cds dated 25 July or 26 July 1938. Unusual item and FDC for KGVI 1½d. ()
Norfolk Island - 1947 Typed address plain cover to firm of stamp Dealers in England having violet rubber stamped 3 line endorsement "Norfolk Island First Day Cover 10 June 1947" bearing original 12 values ½d orange to 2/- yellow-bistre SG1/12 tied by 5 strikes of Norfolk Island Aust single ring cds dated 10 June 1947 - date of issue. ()
Singapore - 1955 Three identical illustrated colour local rubber stamped addressed FDC's bearing QEII 1c to 50c definitives SG38/43 & 47/49 (3 on each cover) all tied by Singapore X single ring cds dated 4 September 1955. ()
South Africa - 1952 Hand addressed cover (light soiling) sent registered (Van Riebeeck purple cachet applied direct to cover) to England bearing Tercentenary of Landing of Van Riebeeck set of 5 SG136/140 tied by Van Riebeeck cds's dated 14 March 1952. ()
Swaziland - 1947 Typed address illustrated cover for Royal Visit issue sent registered to Whitefield King bearing set of 4 tied by two strikes of Mbabane cds's for date of issue. ()
Zambia - 1971 Illustrated typed address to England FDC bearing Fish of Zambia set of 4 tied by single strike of Ndola Stamp Bureau FDI cancel. ()
Lots 2358-2363
1935 Correspondence postcard (small closed tear at bottom) Mr John E Gowing¬ The Vicarage printed on reverse¬ hand addressed to him with Silver Jubilee ½d green to 2½d blue tied by Southend on Sea Essex 2 double ring cds of 7 May 1935 - date of issue. ()
1940 Illustrated cover for British Red Cross Society and the order of St John hand addressed to Robson Lowe bearing Centenary of First Adhesive Postage Stamps ½d green to 3d violet all tied by 3 strikes of Bournmouth large special handstamp dated 6 May 1940. ()
1957 Plain typed address air mail cover to Canada bearing 46th Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference 4d ultramarine block of 4 SG560 tied by single central strike of Pulborough Sussex double ring cds dated 12 September 1957 - date of issue. ()
1982-98 Sixteen illustrated Royal Mail typed address covers each bearing prestige booklet definitive pane tied by illustrated bureau cancel for date of issue (most different to previous lot) comprising 1982 Stanley Gibbons 1983 Royal Mint 1984 Christian Heritage 1985 The Times 1986 British Rail 1988 Financial Times 1991 Agatha Christie 1992 Wales 1992 Tolkien 1993 Beatrix Potter 1994 Northern Ireland 1995 National Trust 1996 European Football 1997 BBC 1998 Her Majesty's stamps and 1998 Breaking Barriers. ()
1999 Royal Mail Millennium First Day Cover x 12 typed address covers for different issues each having a set of 4 issued stamps tied by illustrated first day of issue handstamp. ()
Jersey - 1948 Plain typed local address cover bearing 3rd Anniversary of Liberation 1d scarlet and 2½d ultramarine SGC1/C2 tied by Jersey machine cancel dated 10 May 1948. ()
1912 Long OHMS white cover hand addressed sent registered (mark applied direct to cover) to London bearing KEVII 4d dull purple & black SG109 tied by Suva Fiji Registered double ring cds dated 19 December 1912. Norwood arrival cancel of 27 January 1913 on rear. ()
Lots 2365-2368
1937 Scarce Posted on Board Ship hand addressed cover sent air mail to South Africa at 11d rate with 6d bright purple & magenta SG97a plus Rock 2d pale grey & 3d blue SG112/13 tied by two fine strikes of Juilio Cesare Piresanto Postale Italiano cds dated 1 November 1937. Gibraltar slogan continuous machine cancel dated 8 November 1937 on reverse. ()
1947 Scarcer hand addressed cover to England bearing 5d red-orange SG125c tied by faint Gibraltar slogan continuous machine cancel dated 18 December 1947. Three line "Airmail Gibraltar 18/12/47" applied both sides of cover. ()
1967 Colour illustrated Cunard Last Call at Gibraltar of the Queen Mary cover (light stain on front where address label has been removed) bearing 4d HMS Hood SG205 tied by fine strike of Paquebot Gibraltar pictorial hand stamp dated 4 October 1967. ()
1971 Incoming hand addressed cover from Germany to Gibraltar bearing 5pf stamp tied by Frankfurt cancel dated 14 July 1971. Address erased in blue ink and marked not known with violet straight line Retour on front and blue ink Retour on reverse. Violet framed Taxe mark T 90/50 applied on front with 1d green Postage Due vertical pair SGD1 applied having Gibraltar cds dated 22 January 1971 and black ink manuscript cancels. Gibraltar Gibraltar 8 cds and Gibraltar Sibraltar (incorrect letter plug "S" for "G") 9 double ring cds's both dated 22 January 1971 on reverse. Unusual item with dates not matching. ()
Lots 2369-2372
1916 3d brown size G registered envelope H&G9a hand addressed Winnebah (blue on white label attached) to Accra having good strike of Winnebah cds dated 4 November 1916. ()
1930 Printed address cover to USA from Rev in Kokofu at 2½d rate bearing ½d green x 3 and 1d chocolate brown SG86/87 all tied by three strikes of Kokofu cds dated 4 January 1930. Bekwai Gold Coast cds of same date on reverse. Scarcer location. ()
1930 German shipping line printed German address blue cover bearing 3d bright blue SG91 tied by S.S. Amstel-Kerk purple oblong framed handstamp dated 16 November 1930 having black straight line Paquebot cachet alongside. Scarcer markings on cover. ()
1933 3d brown size G registered envelope H&G11c uprated with 3d definitive hand addressed Tarkwa (blank blue on white label attached with Tarkwa added in black ink) to French Congo with two strikes of Tarkwa oval registered cancels dated 6 November 1933. Same cancel on reverse along with Sierra Leone Libreville Gabon and Pointe Noire Congo transit cancels dated between 8 November 1933 and 1 January 1934. ()
Lots 2373-2399
1818 Commercial entire (spike hole in centre) dated 25 July 1818 being statement of account sent London to Bedford rated "8" on front having double ring coded datestamp of 25 July 1818 on reverse along with St Johns' St E double framed mark . ()
1821 Soiled entire Wakefield to Ottley dated 29 June 1821 rated "2" having poorish strike of Wakefield 187 unframed cds dated 30 June 1821 on reverse. ()
1841 1d pink postal stationery envelope size B SP2 paper addressed to a Stonemason in Lincoln with poor strike of 321 Grantham barred oval on front with Leicester & Grantham double arc cds's dated 3 & 4 September 1841 on reverse. ()
1842 Entire dated 27 October 1842 Liverpool to Carlisle (folded horizontally and vertically away from stamp) bearing 1d red imperf (TB) 3 even margins along frame line at base tied by bold strike of black Maltese Cross cancel with Carlisle code D double arc cds dated 28 October alongside also just touching stamp. Lot includes entire used within London November 1853 bearing damaged 1d red imperf. ()
1848 Wrapper addressed to Oxford with 2d blue OD 2 margins SG14 tied by 17 in diamond barred oval cancel. CF single ring and Oxford double arc code A cds dated 11 & 12 October 1848 respectively on reverse. ()
1848-67 Four covers or wrappers all used within UK bearing 1d red imperf x 2 (2 margin and 3 margin examples) 1d star or 1d plate 76 condition a little mixed. ()
1850 Tatty wrapper addressed to Oxford then redirected to Essex rate "4" on front bearing 2d blue x 2 TE & TF (2 margins) SG14 having 17 in diamond barred oval cancels with Oxford double arc code G cds dated 10 April 1850 on front. ()
1853 Cover (address panel cut off) to London with 1d red imperf (CC) 4 margins tied by 611 Barred oval cancel. Good strike of Pershore double arc cds 2 September 1853 on rear. ()
1855 Bundle of 34 letters and envelopes (some stuck together for filing) condition a little mixed mostly bearing 1d stars relating to the construction of a railway line. Most addressed to 47 Parliament Street London inc one on Oxford Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway stationery¬ interesting lot for study with a very cheap vendors reserve. ()
1863 Cover (damaged backflap) Southampton to London bearing 1d red stars IG tied by Southampton code J 723 barred oval duplex dated 11 December 1863. ()
1886-1900 Four items of postal stationery (two cards¬ one envelope and one wrapper) all hand addressed to Europe or USA having different squared circle handstamps. ()
1887 OHMS (almost seperated vertically in half) wrapper hand addressed to Glasgow bearing 1d lilac overprinted IR Official SG03 tied Glasgow 159 duplex of 25 August 1887. ()
1906 Colour postcard of Norwich Cathedral addressed to Hull bearing KEVII 1d scarlet tied by good strike of Hull Sorting Carriage double ring cds dated 17 September 1906. ()
1908-11 Three colour postcards each bearing KEVII or KGV ½d tied by Bridlington Station Office¬ Broadstairs Station Kent or Sheringham RSO cds cancels. ()
1912-24 Three colour post cards and one cover all bearing KGV ½d green x 3 or 1d scarlet vertical pair ex booklets with cds cancels. ()
1914-33 Two black & white Sark postcards both sent to England one bearing ½d green tied by Sark single ring thimble code A cds dated 21 July 1914 other with ½d green x 2 tied by Sark Guernsey Channel Islands code A double ring cds dated 21 June 1933. ()
1917 Two black & white postcards from Scilly Isles bearing KGV ½d green tied by poor strikes of Tresco single ring cds's. One card is from Royal Navy Seaplane Station Tresco to HM Airship Station Polegate Sussex. Both cards some tone both sides. ()
1930s Sepia postcard showing view of the Beach¬ Hest Bank with train station at right. ()
1934 Three typed address covers sent registered to Germany at 5½d rate all paid by 2½d + 2½d + ½d or 3d + 2½d meter mark combinations. ()
1935 Two hand addressed covers to same Glasgow address one bearing Silver Jubilee 1d scarlet and 1½d red-brown other with ½d green & 2½d blue each tied by Knightswood B O Glasgow W3 double ring cds dated 7 May 1935 date of issue. ()
1937 Neatly hand addressed cover to Dublin bearing 1929 PUC ½d green to 2½d blue (4 values) SG434/37 each tied by individual strike of OP Saint Malo single ring cds dated 17 June 1937. Pencil endorsement "Posted at St Malo France" both sides. ()
1937 Neatly hand addressed cover to Dublin bearing 1935 Silver Jubilee ½d green to 2½d blue set of 4 SG453/56 each tied by individual strike of OP Saint Malo single ring cds dated 17 June 1937. Pencil endorsement "Posted at St Malo France" added on front. ()
1942-45 Small group of envelopes and blank air graph forms along with instructions for completion and Prisoner of War airmail lettercard. ()
1953 circa front and part of reverse (with compulsory registrered label attached) of Post Office OHMS Returned letter addressed to Urch Harris & Co Bristol having 1/- Postage Due attached tied by poor strike of postmark. ()
1957 Illustrated air mail cover with English reply address Commemorating the visit of QEII to USA & Canada October 1957 bearing 4d Scout Jubilee Jambore tied by Southampton Civil Defence Join Now slogan cancel dated 22 October 1957. Black framed Day of Arrival at London Airport Douglas DC-7c Aircraft illustrated cachet for same date also applied. ()
1957 Rubber stamped address cover for Inauguration of Worlds first Naphthadag Automatic Sorting Machine at Southampton 19 December 1957 bearing 2d light red-brown having one graphite line at left (as seen from front) SG564 tied by Southampton Post Early for Christmas slogan cancel dated 19 December 1957. ()
1969-71 Six Talyllyn Railway covers (5 typed address 1 manuscript address) each bearing GB stamps tied by Bangor or Merioneth cancels having additional cachets and Talyllyn Railway stamps applied tied by Talyllyn Railway cancel. ()
Lots 2400-2407
1908 Hand addressed colour postcard of Hong Kong scenes to England bearing GB KEVII 1d scarlet tied by good strike of Shanghai BPO code C cds (Webb type J) dated 29 September 1908 having good strike of framed black Paquebot handstamp (Hosking 1594). ()
1949 Hand addressed cover (single vertical crease away from stamp) to England bearing 75th Anniv of UPU SG174 tied by Hong Kong 4 double ring cds dated 8 November 1949. ()
1950 Locally hand addressed cover manuscript censor mark at left bearing KGVI 10c reddish lilac SG145a tied by Field Post Office 746 cds dated 4 May 1950. ()
1950 Locally typed addressed cover bearing GB KGVI 1½d pale red-brown SG487 tied by Field Post Office 385 cds dated 8 May 1950. Kowloon cds transit cds on reverse. ()
1952 Printed address cover sent registered (Kowloon G blue on white label applied) to USA at 60c rate bearing 30c blue x 2 SG154 tied by Sham Shui PO Hong Kong code C cds dated 16 April 1952. US transit marks dated 19 and 20 May on reverse. ()
1952 Neat hand addressed cover to Shatin New Territories bearing KGVI 10c reddish violet SG145c tied by fine strike of Hong Kong Un Long cds dated 17 July 1952. ()
1982 Illustrated printed label address Post Office FDC bearing 10c to $50 definitives SG415/30 all tied by Hong Kong cds's dated 31 August 1982 which was 2nd day of issue. ()
1987 Illustrated unaddressed Post Office last day of issue cover for 1982-87 definitives with 10c (slight damage) to $2 tied by 4 strikes of Sai Kung Hong Kong cds's of 11 July 1987. ()
Lots 2408-2410
1889-1916 Thirteen covers or cards (mostly postal stationery) having fine array of cancels and instructional marks including some Pakistan forerunners condition very mixed. ()
1949 Illustrated unaddressed cover for Independence Day issue bearing 3p to 1r SG309/20 12 different values tied by Bombay GPO Elephant head Independence Day cds's dated 15 August 1949 which also ties 3½a National Flag SG302. 1a statue reversed added SG333 tied by Bombay cds dated 15 July 1950 - date of issue. ()
1949 Illustrated unaddressed cover for 75th Anniv of UPU bearing 9p green & 2a rose SG325/26 plus imperf black print miniature sheet of 4 issued values (origin unknown probably from Post Office leaflet) all tied by Bombay pictorial cds's dated 10 October 1949. ()
1955 Plain cover locally hand addressed bearing KGVI ½d & 1½d definitives tied by Post 300 Office Kingston Jamaica purple oval cancel dated 9 May 1955. Lot includes two Jamaica Tercentenary illustrated hand addressed First Day covers each bearing two stamps making set of 4 of issued stamps tied by same cancel as first cover but dated 10 May 1955. Cross Roads or Halfway Tree arrival cds's on reverse. ()
Lots 2412-2413
1932-42 Four hand addressed covers sent Narobi to England x 2 or Ireland x 2 bearing various definitives tied by different slogan cancels. ()
1956 Hand addressed manila unstamped OHMS cover to Postmaster at Dodoma having nice strike of Dar Es Salaam - Tabora TPO Down double ring cds dated 27 November 1956. ()
Lots 2414-2418
Negri Sembilan - 1925 Hand addressed cover sent registered (blank blue on white label applied with Paul Street Seremban added in red ink) to South India (usual discolouration soiling) at 18c rate bearing on reverse FMS Tiger 1c 5c & 12c (SG53 61 & 68) tied by two strikes of Serem8an ("8" insert instead of "B") cds dated 11 July 1925. Stamps also tied by Indian arrival cds's. ()
Negri Sembilan - 1925 Hand addressed cover to Kuala Lumpur bearing FMS Tiger 5c SG61 tied by Mambau double ring cds dated 22 October 1925. Seremban and Kuala Lumpur transit cancels on reverse. Proud states Mambau cds last known date of use as 14 April 1924 so this cover extends date by 18 months. ()
Kelentan - 1948 Typed address cover to Australia with BMA Malaya overprint on 10c purple SG8 tied by fine strike of Kota Bharu Kelentan single ring cds 5 September 1948. ()
Federated Malay States - 1945 Typed address unstamped commercial cover to London having fine strike of Kuala Lumpur double ring cds dated 1 October 1945. Posted during free post period after Japanese surrender and availability of BMA overprint stamps. ()
Johore - 1949 Hand addressed cover (inc contents legal document regarding land repaid in Japanese occupation currency) sent AR registered Maur (blue on white label applied plus AR card included) to Lenga at 42c rate bearing on reverse 6c grey x 2 SG137 plus 75th Anniv of UPU 15c blue x 2 SG149 tied by Maur cds's dated 20 October 1949. Lenga arrival cds dated 25 October on front along with "No such name" and "Retour" manuscript cachets. Mutiple pencil notations on reverse re delivery attempts along with Panchor cds's dated 24 October and 15 November and further Maur cds dated 15 November. ()
Lots 2419-2420
1902 Hand addressed cover sent registered to USA at 42c rate (12c registration + double 15c postage) bearing 6c green & rose-red x 2 SG131 and 15c green & orange x 2 SG149 tied by two strikes of Quatre Bornes code D Thimble cds dated 14 February 1902. Oval registered Mauritius mark of same date on front along with "R" in oval marks. ()
1937 Hand addressed plain cover carried on the Roland Garros flight to Rayuala Henry GPO London (sender W Henry GPO Port Louis on backflap) at 1r 25 rate bearing KGV 25c strip of 3 plus 50c all tied by General Post Office Mauritius single ring cds dated 20 January 1937. London Chief Office purple arrival cds dated 13 February 1937 on reverse. Purple two line Undelivered for Reason Stated Return to Sender cachet applied in London plus black framed Unclaimed Return Letter Section cachet applied in Mauritius. The Roland Garros left Mauritius on 20th January carrying a small quantity of letters. More were picked up in Réunion¬ whence the aeroplane departed on 26th January reaching Paris by easy stages on 12th February. The total mail carried from Réunion comprised 50 letters from Mauritius for France¬ 2·45kg for Madagascar (from Mauritius and Réunion)¬ 1·02kg (mainly from Réunion) for Djibouti¬ Tunisia and Syria and 8kg for Europe. All mail from Mauritius carried on this return flight received a four-line cachet: "MAURICE FRANCE / lère Liaison aéropostale / Avion Roland Garros / Voyage de retour€¬ which was applied in Réunion. ()
Lots 2421-2440
Barbados - 1941 Typed address merchants commerial cover to USA bearing 1½d orange SG250 tied by Barbados GPO cds dated 30 December 1941 plus Britain Delivers The Goods patriotic label which Edwards does not list used in Barbados. Opened and sealed by green on white Opened by Censor tape having 29 added in pencil. ()
Bermuda - 1941 Hand addressed cover sent registered (Bermuda blue on white label applied having St Georges in red applied at top) to New York bearing 6d carmine-lake & violet SG104 tied by St Georges single ring cds dated 8 September 1941. Opened and sealed by light blue on white BC1 Opened By Examiner tape at left. ()
Cameroun - 1940 American Protestant Mission Nkol Mvolan Abong Mbang Cameroon printed cover hand address to USA at 4f 75 surface rate bearing New York World Fair 1f 25 (small crease) SG117 50c Banyo Waterfall SG130 and 3f Elephants SG144 all tied by two strikes of Abong M'Bang Cameroon single ring cds dated 18 January 1940 with an additional strike alongside. Opened and sealed at left with black on white postal censor tape tied by oval censor marks both sides and B3 censor marks on front. Circular Postal censor mark also on front additionally ties 1f 25 stamp. Some discolouration both sides does not detract. ()
Cameroun - 1941 Hand addressed (partially erased after arrival) cover sent air mail (black on grey label affixed) to London at 8f 50 rate bearing Adherence to General de Gaulle overprints on 10c 40c 1f 40 1f 60 and 5f definitives (SG157 162 171 173 &178) all tied by Douala Cameroun single ring cds's dated 18 July 1941. Opened and sealed at right with French Military censor tape tied both sides by oval military censor marks. Black Controle Postal Commission A Territory Du Cameroun mark on front plus red half circle with Censor inside mark. Lagos "Come on the Phone" arrival mark of 21 July 1941 on rear. ()
Cyprus - 1940 Hand addressed incoming cover from Australia at 2d rate with Queen Elizabeth 1d green x 2 SG180 tied by Parramatta slogan cancel of 3 May 1940. Opened and sealed at top with crowned black on white Opened By Censor tape which also ties Cairo handstamp of 11 September 1940. Egyptian bilingual censor marks on front along with Passed Censor 3 Cyprus red mark. Nicosia & Kyrenia transit marks on reverse. ()
Cyprus - 1941 Hand addressed cover sent air mail to Poona India at 8a rate with Indian 2a & 6a KGVI definitives tied by individual strikes of FPO 23 cds of 15 November 1941. Purple triangular Passed By Censor crown No 3471 cachet which was based at Larnaca during this period along with many Indian troops. Poona arrivel cancel of 27 November 1941 on reverse. ()
Cyprus - 1942 Hand addressed cover sent air mail to India bearing GB KGVI 9d deep olive-green SG473 tied by Field Post Office 122 (used at Nicosia) double ring cds dated June 1942. Violet Passed By Censor Cyprus censor mark on front along with Indian Crowned Passed DHD/6 6 side Indian censor mark. ()
Egypt - 1943 Hand addresed unstamped cover with Government crest on backflap from Officer in Cairo to Officer in Nairobi with Army Signals blue cds of 14 April 1943 on reverse. On front purple E A Command Central Registry oval cachet applied of 21 April 1943 along with two line purple "SECRET DRLS" cachet plus mauve pencil MEA 712 mark applied. ()
French Equatorial Aftica - 1942 Commercial typed address cover to London rated 2f 50 bearing 1f 25 surcharge on Middle Congo 1f vertical pair SG31 (late use) tied by Port Gentil A.E.F. cds of 10 September 1942. Opened & sealed with plain tape by French censor at left tied by eye shaped censor marks both sides plus Circular D1 mark on front. Opened and sealed with PC90 Opened by Examiner black on white tape at right tied by tombstone Passed PP/13 censor mark on front. Lagos transit cds of 2 November 1942 on reverse. ()
Great Britain - 1977 Seventeen hand addressed covers to East Sussex bearing Mail Office or Commanding Officer cachets for 15 different Royal Navy ships gathered for Jubilee Review 28 June 1977. All but two have GB stamps with various cds cancels. ()
Jamaica - 1940 Hand addressed air mail cover endorsed "Trans Atlantic" between family members from Morant Bay to RAF officer care of Bank of Nova Scotia London England sent at 2s 2d rate bearing KGVI 1d and 1/- (one damaged) x 2 all tied by fair strikes of Morant Bay cds's dated 27 August 1940. Purple 6 in circle censor mark applied to front which also ties one 1d stamp. Opened and sealed right with red on white Opened By Censor tape. ()
Jamaica - 1944 Incoming hand addressed air mail cover to Jamaica bearing GB 6d tied by Leek Staffs slogan cancel dated 12 April 1944. Date unclear Nassau slogan cancel on reverse tied by PC90 Opened By D. /8848 tape at left with black straight line MISSENT TO BAHAMAS cachet on front. Spanish Town Jamaica single ring cancel dated 2 May - no year slug on reverse. Unusual item as clearly addressed. ()
Liechtenstein - 1945 Typed address cover (opend out for display on album pages) sent registered air mail from Vaduz Postmaster to chemist in Sweden bearing 1939 Birds 30c Buzzard & 50c Goshawk SG179/80 tied by special unframed Vadutz cds dated 1 March 1945. Wehrmarht censor label applied tied by red cachets allowed cover to proceed without opening. Buchs (St Gallen) arrival cds dated 3 March 1945 on reverse. . ()
Malaya Malacca - 1939 Hand addressed long cover (central vertical fold) from Malacca High School to removals Company in Oxford England at 16c rate bearing Straits Settlements KGVI 8c vertical pair tied by Malacca double ring handstamp dated 12 September 1939. Fine strike of type 1 undated Passed By Censor crown Penang black circular mark applied which is exceptionaly early use with only a handfull known to exist. ()
Malaya Negri Sembilan - 1941 Hand addressed airmail cover to Australia bearing Negri Sembilan 25c dull purple & scarlet SG33 tied by nice strike of AIF Field PO N218 (used at Port Dickson) cds dated 10 March 1941. Manuscript censor signature at left. ()
Malta - 1939 Typed address commerical cover to Malta at 1½pi rate bearing €pi black & violet x 2 tied by Cyprus cds dated 7 October 1939. Opened and sealed at top with crowned black on white Opened By Censor tape which ties stamps and is tied by red Passed Censor framed cachet having Egyptian red circular censor mark alongside. Valetta and Cairo transit marks dated 20 and 11 October respectively on reverse. ()
South Africa - 1943 Typed address unstamped prisoner of war envelope to Germany having purple unframed bilingual Passed By censor cachet on front. Official Free Internment Camp purple oval cachet on reverse tied by bilingual Opened By Censor UC8 label. ()
Spanish Morocco - 1944 Hand addressed cover to British Post Office Tangier at 10c rate bearing 5c Larache x 2 SG253 tied by unclear cds. British Post Office Tangier single ring cds dated 2 July 1944 on front along with pale red framed oblong Spanish Tangier censor mark. ()
Tobago - 1943 Hand addressed black & white postcard (rounded corners) of Robinson Crusoe to England from Robinson Crusoe Hotel bearing Trinidad & Tobago 4c tied by Scarborough Tobago cds dated 18 November 1943. Nice strike of IC TRI undated circular censor mark also ties stamp and is a very scarce mark from Tobago. ()
USA - 1942 Ten long covers all typed label address to same person in Dorset bearing 5c James Monroe perfin "GT" each cover with purple "Dept. Ruling No 2 Complied With" and opened with black on white censor tape having 8 different numbers. ()
1955 Typed address Official cover (crest on backflap) to Board of Trade London at 1p 70 rate bearing Morocco Agencies surcharge & overprints in Spanish Currency on GB KGVI 70c on 7d emerald-green & 1p on 10d turquoise-blue SG170/71 (cat £36 from x 8 on cover) tied by British Post Office Tetuan single ring cds dated 7 September 1955 with a further strike alongside. Purple circular British Consulate General Tetuan cachet applied dated 7 September 1955. Scarce and clean cover. ()
Lots 2442-2445
1925 Sepia postcard of Port Vila Post Office to Austria (no message) bearing on front 5c green SGF22 tied by Port Vila New Hebrides cds dated 3 April 1925. ()
1934 Hand addressed cover to England bearing 5d (50c) ultramarine SG47 tied by Vila New Hebrides single ring cds dated 18 September 1934. ()
1935 Hand addressed cover to Paris bearing 10c (1d) green SGF43 and 40c (4d) red/yellow SGF47 tied by New Hebrides Vila single ring cds dated 25 February 1935. ()
1978 Two unaddressed illustrated FDC's for Concorde issue one bearing English set of 4 other French set of 4 both tied by single central strike of Port Vila FDI cds. ()
Lots 2446-2447
1908 Hand addressed cover to England bearing 1d carmine (ex booklet¬ probably SB3) SG34 tied by good strike of Ibadan Southern Nigeria single ring cds dated 12 July 1908. ()
1923 KGV 2d blue size H2 postal stationery registered envelope (two vertical creases) hand addressed to London having blue on white provisional registered label applied with Jemaa added in black. Cover uprated with pair of KGV 2d grey tied by Jemaa cds dated 28 April 1923. Same cds applied on reverse which ties 1923 Stamp Exhibition Royal Horticultural Hall 14-26 May brown label also tied by three different London arrival cancels. Jos Nigeria transit cds dated 1 May 1923 also on reverse. ()
1981 Hand addressed commercially used airmail cover (central vertical fold) to bank in England at 130b rate bearing 30b surcharge on 750b SG242 plus World Food Day 50b x 2 SG246 each tied by fine strike of Matrah bilingual cds dated 12 December 1981. ()
Lots 2449-2450
1931 Long OHMS manila cover (vertical fold at left) typed address to England bearing 3d blue overprinted type 2 OS SGO25 (cat £10 from x 8 on cover) tied by Rabaul New Guinea cds dated 4 June 1931. A poor strike of The Treasury purple oval cachet applied over franked with Rabaul cds dated 29 May 1931 indicating cover may have been intended to be post free with postage subsequently charged. ()
1938 Hand addressed cover (backflap missing plus couple small nicks) to Australia bearing 5d Air SG196 tied by Rabaul cds dated 2 June 1938. ()
1956 Pencil address cover bearing KGVI 2c purple-brown SG135a (couple surface rubs) tied by Anse Royale code B single ring cds of 28 February 1956. Black "T" mark and "02cts" added in pencil. Postage Due 2c scarlet & carmine SGD1 tied by Victoria Seychelles code B single ring cds of 1 March 1956. ()
1935 Long manila OHMS envelope having Director of Posts and Telegraphs purple cachet bottom left sent registered hand addressed to USA (blue on white Berbera registered label applied) bearing Silver Jubilee 1c¬ 2c & 3c each tied by individual strike of Berbera British Somaliland single ring cds of 14 September 1935. Aden and New York transit marks. ()
Lots 2453-2457
Cape of Good Hope - 1885 Hand addressed cover to Maseru having GP Perry Watchmaker & Jeweller King Williams Town purple oval cachet top left corner bearing Seated Hope 2d pale bistre SG42 tied by King Williams Town cds dated 21 September 1885 with Aliwal North code B single ring cds dated 23 September 1885 on reverse. ()
Transvaal - 1907 KEVII 4d blue size F registered envelope used Randfontein to Krugersdorp uprated with 1d scarlet having 4 strikes of Randfontein TVL cds dated 7 November 1907 on front with Krugersdorp Transvall cds on reverse of same date.& ()
1913 Hand addressed cover from Government House Pretoria (crest on backflap) including 4 page letter on Government House printed paper written in Afrikaans to Aliwal North bearing 1d carmine-red SG4a tied by Pretoria cds dated 17 November 1913. ()
1944 Hand addressed cover sent registered Grahamstown to Scotland bearing 4d Heavy Gun single tied by date unclear Grahamstown cds. Purple Official Free cachet on front with Hope for Crippled Children label tied to reverse by wax seals. Grahamstown arrival cds dated 19 April 1944 also on reverse. ()
1951 Robertson Stamp Co printed address plain envelope bearing ½d and 1d definitives both tied by individual strikes of Rand Show oval cancel dated 27 March 1951. ()
Lots 2458-2459
1905 Roughly opened on 4 sides (part of backflap missing) and badly toned 5m carmine postal stationery envelope H&GB3 addressed in Arabic having two strikes of Merowi bilingual cds dated 7 May 1906 (year slugs inverted reading 9061). On reverse is location unclear (maybe Syria) Travelling Post Office cds dated 11 May 1905 along with Assouan cds dated 13 May 1905. Unsure why different year dates front and back. ()
1917 Hand addressed 5m red postal stationery envelope H&GB5 to County Armargh Ireland having two strikes of Singa bilingual double ring cds dated 15 January 1917. Khartoum bilingual single ring cds dated 16 January on reverse along withTynan RSO Co Armargh double ring cds dated 5 February 1917. Includes contents being a two page letter written on Khartoum Sudan stationery dated 13 January mentions letter "written on a native boat on the Blue Nile" with an sketched illustration of the boat included within the letter. ()
Lots 2460-2461
1936 Typed address cover to NBC Radio City New York USA from Iambi Mission Station Tanganyika (imprint top left corner) at 30c rate bearing KUT KGV 5c x 2 & 30c pictorial definitives tied by two strikes of Kinyangiri cds dated 13 January 1936. Dar Es Salaam transit cds dated 15 January on reverse. ()
1937 KUT KGV 15c red postal stationery card uprated with KUT 1937 Coronation 20c to cover air mail cost to Germany with long message in German having two strikes of Moshi double ring cds dated 19 July 1937 applied. Purple By Air Mail cachet also applied to front along with pictorial German arrival cancel dated 28 July 1937. ()
Lots 2462-2463
1895 Long scarce On His Tongan Majesty's Service cover (two vertical folds do not detract) hand addressed to British Vice Counsel Nuku'alofa having illustrated Tonga Government Frank pictorial circular marking applied along with Nukualofa Tonga small single ring cancel dated 18 October 1895. ()
1987 Incoming hand addressed cover sent air mail from Hobart Australia to a medical student at Vaiola Hospital Nuku'alofa Tonga bearing Australia 90c fish definitive tied by Hobart cds dated 2 February 1987. Purple three line Received In Damaged Condition At GPO Nuku'alofa TBU scarce instructional mark applied both sides. ()
Lots 2464-2467
1937 Hand addressed hotel cover to USA sent Air Mail International Forwarding at 26c rate with Coronation 2c & 8c x 3 SG244/45 tied by GPO Port of Spain cds's 1 July 1937. ()
1948 Incoming hand addressed cover endorsed Air Mail to Port of Spain Trinidad bearing GB KGVI 2½d blue vertical pair tied by date unclear Syston (Leicester England) cds's. Field Post Office 912 double ring cds dated 1 December 1948 (stated to be TPO travelling between Germany & Holland) applied both sides. Two strikes of red 1s 2d I.S.F and black "T" FS instructional marks on front along with two strikes of purple unframed Retour and black Unclaimed cachets on front. GPO Port of Spain cds dated 22 December 1948 on reverse along with superb strike of Returned Letter Branch Trinidad single ring cds in red dated 30 December 1948. A real puzzler needing full study to work out routing etc. ()
1949 Typed address firms air mail cover to Denmark at 24c rate beraing KGVI 12c horizontal pair tied by GPO Post of Spain cds's dated 10 December 1949. Good strike of To New York By Air Onward By Streamer two line unframed purple cachet on front. ()
1949 Typed address air mail cover to Denmark at 36c rate with 75th Anniv of UPU 12c & 24c SG263/64 tied by San Fernando single ring cds's of 20 October 1949. ()